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Read what students have to say about Neal's teaching.

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"Neal Klein is one of a kind. His way of connecting embodies curiosity, tenderness, playfulness, compassion, and empathy. With an unmatched enthusiasm for life and a welcoming presence, he holds space to bring his students, clients, friends and community into the depths of Holistic and Humanistic Psychology, Counseling and cross cultural expressions of healing. His wisdom is steeped in decades of study, practice, and travel that stretch from university research, to sitting in humble reverence with indigenous leaders and healers, to counseling sessions with individuals, couples and families, all the way to dance floors and community gatherings around the country and the world; no matter where he lands, he is respected, valued, and beloved for his work and his heart. It is a joy to learn from him because of the passion he has for what he teaches and the ways he makes information accessible. He is always open for a discussion that expands beyond his personal experiences and beliefs and will reframe aspects of teachings that are complex and multifaceted with ease, to ensure those learning from him understand it from their own perspective. I have loved learning from Neal and know with certainty that what I have learned from him is consistently supportive of my work, my personal growth and healing, and the ways I connect with others and the world."

Elana K.

"Dr Neal Klein has been my professor, mentor, and transpersonal/holistic psychology guru for the past 2+ years.  Lucky me!  If everyone on the earth had the chance to spend even a day a week soaking up the joyful nature, rich wisdom and kindhearted soul this human being emits, we would be a happier, healthier and more compassionate whole.  I know that during these recent hard times we have all found ourselves facing, that I would not have felt the faith in humanity needed to face each covid-19 Groundhog Day if not for the mental health teachings and wellness philosophies that Neal has gifted me and countless others.  I look forward to his Trance-Ending Times as I look forward to each interaction, no matter how brief, with an old friend~ the kind who always knows just exactly how to meet you where you are, hold safe and empathetic space, brighten your day and expand your confidence in the horizons ahead.  Join him/us if you’re looking for love in a sometimes seemingly lonely place~ I can promise he’ll turn your perspective around and bring a smile to your face, a warm hug to your heart, and a true community of connectedness."

Eliza P.

Neal is a teacher and a wise being who has brought the immense opportunity for students to see psychology through a humanistic perspective, by the combination of science and spirituality. 

His classes and lectures are made up of insights and reflections about our roots, how society primed us, the power of compassion, and how can we can make our way home, to our highest self. He teaches us how courage, willpower and authenticity are necessary for an awaken life.

Neal is a man of light, inspiration and transparency, who uses his gifts to guide beings into a more present and unique life. 

Most importantly, he constantly teaches the valued balance human beings need to have; being in the fast-paced world we are constantly in, and stopping to see the awe and magical moments the world has grant us if we just allow ourselves to open our eyes and feel.

Jacobita M.

"Neal Klein is an educator who truly values the comprehension of knowledge within all of his students. He inspires students to perform at the best of their ability, allows them to explore the path to the future they feel is best suited for themselves, and supports them every step of the way. Without Neal and his courses, I would never have found my love for Holistic Psychology and the numerous possibilities it holds for myself and others."

Sam A.

 "Learning from Neal Klein established my passion for psychology.  His lessons are enjoyable, challenging, and some of the most memorable experiences from my time in undergrad. There is no doubt that his classes were the foundation for expanding my toolbox and creating the skill-set which allows me to work so successfully with my clients today.'

Maria F.

"Neal has the capacity for seeing and bringing out the best in people. His warm and inviting energy helped make me feel at home while on a trip to Peru as an incoming freshmen, which was full of upperclassmen. I was fortunate to take many classes with him during undergrad and he was always there to guide me along the way when I needed advice. He is incredibly knowledgeable and full of wisdom in a multitude of topics from psychology to traditional healing to dance. Neal is a gem of a professor and all around great human!"

Eliza K.

"The dedication and passion through which Neal Klein teaches promotes an engaging and enriching environment that allows me to connect meaningfully with my learning and expand my perception of the world. He encourages his students to remain open and inquisitive while presenting a diverse and holistic perspective of subjects, making it possible to explore concepts in a deeper way that resonates best with me as an individual and student."

Elise G.

"With 40+ years of experience, Neal sets a brilliant atmosphere of learning for students interested in theory and practice in Holistic psychology. Neal brings up-to-date theory, top-notch counseling skills, and an unparalleled personalized learning experience to the classroom, allowing students to have a one of a kind learning experience with fascinating content. Above all else, he is a fantastic mentor, and truly goes far out of his way to help his students have the best learning experience possible"

Jimmy G.

Neal as a professor is simply put: awe inspiring. His passion towards the field of psychology is infectious and makes even the most beginner classes (I.e. intro courses) feel like a gift. Each class there is bound to be a story from Neal about a life experience that’s not only interesting but helps to put concepts into perspective. I’ve yet to have another professor that cares so deeply about his work and also his students wellbeing. If there is ever a chance for one to take a class offered by Neal I’d implore you to do so. From his motto/lifestyle “cool beans” to his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, it’s truly a gift to get to see Neal in class everyday. 

And lastly as a person Neal is such a welcoming, warm soul that it often feels as though you’re going to class with an old friend. I couldn’t ask for a better professor to have in the field! 

Kai G.

Neal is a wonderful professor and such an inspiring and kind individual. In fact, inspiring may
not even be enough to describe how much I look up to him. His passion and dedication for
Psychology make every lecture unique, captivating and also empowering. It is what makes
students like me never want the class to end! Neal’s lectures not only challenge students to delve
deeper into the perceptions of their psyches but more importantly, offer the comfort of
validation. Each class reading has taught me how to embrace helpful practices into my own life
where I can feel more proud and confident in myself and the decisions I make. Whether his
lessons involve a reading, discussion, or personal story, it’s such a privilege to listen and learn
from Neal. Neal and what he represents is a perfect reminder of how important it is to spread
kindness, patience, and compassion into our world.

Maya V.

Neal's certificate course in Psychosynthesis and his understanding of Roberto Assiagiolli's work and practice methods have genuinely changed how I view the field of psychology. Working with this small group of students has given me access to a perspective of psychology that seeks to understand the many layers of spirituality, ego, shadow work, subpersonalities and the transpersonal side of our human experience. His course material is easy to digest, practical, hands on and creative. I have taken 3 courses with Neal and participated in this certificate program. His depth of knowledge paired with his effervescent personality make for a truly unique, heart centered learning experience. I would recommend this program to any student with an interest in psychology or holistic wellbeing. I understand myself and my clients more than ever before. I am so grateful to have been part of such a progressive program.

Christine O.

Neal Klein is a magnificent teacher in all regards. I have taken many classes with him, all encompassing different topics and every time I am blown away. He makes the classroom, whether it be in person or through zoom, a safe and fruitful environment. He allows people to come exactly as they are, and this provides a wonderful foundation for students to learn. His ability to teach such complex topics in a way that is digestible while also encouraging students to continue learning these complex topics is unmatched. Not only has Neal been a wonderful educator, he also inspires me every day to be a bolder, kinder human. I believe everyone needs a Neal Klein in their life. 

Nicole D.

With Neal Klein's teachings I was able to get a better understanding of holistic psychology and counseling. His way of explaining things made the concepts easier to grasp and put to use.

Kevin N.

As Neal often says, Holistic Psychology is like getting to read the entire book when previously you have only had access to a few chapters, it feels like we are unlocking a special part of the universe. This experience has opened my heart and mind to a new world view which, in turn, has made me a better helper and a better human. I will always be grateful for the warmth and the community that Neal created along with each and every lesson he taught me.  

Kylee L.

  “Neal Klein is one of the best educators I’ve had the pleasure to learn from in my 19 years of formal education. In addition to having a wealth of knowledge in the areas of psychology, counseling and holistic health, he also somehow finds a way to teach those lessons through example, as evidenced by his interpersonal skills and relationships. Neal brought true quality to my college education. He understood that everyone has different learning styles and needs, welcomed diversity while challenging everyone intellectually. Neal Klein actually “practiced what he preached” more than any professor or educator I’ve ever known. He actually cared about me as a complex, multifaceted human being; I wasn’t just another student in the sea of faces. None of us were”.

Amaryllis H.

“What I love most about Neal’s persona as an educator is that learning from him is like experiencing a Wisdom share, versus being ‘taught at’. He practices what he preaches, and his passions for deep connection, holistic wellbeing and psychology reach outside of the classroom. He doesn’t teach anything that he doesn’t deeply believe in or feel passionate about, and when he does share his passions through education, he does it in a way that’s accessible, engaging, and understandable on all levels. His main priority is for students to walk away fully immersed in their unique and applicable takeaways from the material, and he does this by meeting all students where they’re at, so that each one can build their own relationship with the topic. Neal truly embodies the heart of what education should be!”

Heather B.

Neal has an understanding of the human psyche unmatched by any other counselor/therapist/professor that I have encountered in my endeavor to learn about psychology. He takes the entire person into consideration in a holistic manner, and understands that the human spirit grows with understanding and connection. If this wasn’t enough, he has a wealth of knowledge in many modalities broken down into digestible lessons. An incredible resource for information, relayed in the most relatable manner. What a gift to have access to his teachings.

Venus S.

I met Neal Klein forty years ago. He was my professor. His teachings had a profound impact on me personally and professionally. The way he embodied and portrayed the humanistic approach to counseling inspired me to pursue a career in the healing profession. He showed me that to facilitate healing and transformation, we need to be courageous and willing to deepen our own self-awareness. His teachings have stayed with me and set the foundation for how I offer counseling and teach my students. I now teach in the same university that Neal does, but, in the graduate, Counseling Psychology Department. I can always recognize the students who have had Neal as professor. They are the ones that have been supported and encouraged to "know thyself" in the service of making space for others to heal and grow. I love how Neal is willing to be real as it gives others permission to expand. I am forever grateful!

Carmen D.

On this day, the last official class day for Intro to Counseling, I feel compelled to communicate some of what my thoughts on the class were. Over the course of this semester, I have learned so much. Not only do I feel much more informed about the field of counseling, but also I have learned much about communication and much about myself. This experience has been entertaining, uplifting and enlightening. Throughout the course, I have treasured the opportunity to learn of other’s perspectives on counseling and life. I have treasured the upbeat class culture. I have treasured the two hours every week we have spent together. This leads me to my second point: gratitude. I must thank you for leading this class on a journey, teaching us and allowing us to have our own experiences. You are an incredibly charismatic person who exudes warmth and kindness, even through a camera. Through the semester, my various personal struggles were quieted for class time. The community learning about healing was also a source of healing. I value the discussions, experiences and laughs they you brought to this semester and really hope to take as many classes with you as possible. I’ve learned more in these last few months than in an entire year’s worth of psychology classes. I am eternally grateful. This class has been so enjoyable and informative, and I believe it has left an impact on me that will last a lifetime.

Ben A.

My classes with Neal (at Lesley University and Beyond) were transformative to my education, and growth as a person. 

Neal's style of teaching makes vast and deep concepts understandable and digestible. He facilitates a strong and encouraging group environment, allowing students to feel comfortable in the space, and to be engaged in the topics presented. 


Each class is unique. I had the privilege of being a student of his at Lesley University, and continued my education after graduation with his Introduction to Psychosynthesis certificate. I feel very lucky to have Neal as a teacher, mentor and friend all-in-one! 

Caroline D.

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