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Certification Program

Certificate of Study Includes


  • Introduction to Psychosynthesis and the Techniques of

  • Disidentification

  • Subpersonalities aka your inner narratives

  • Guided Imagery



This is a one-year program that focuses on the theory and practice of Roberto Assagioli and Psychosynthesis.


Connecting and balancing theoretical concepts and practical skills with shared life experiences is how we all learn the most.


We meet every third Sunday from August 2023 until July 2024 from 6:30-8:00 pm est. 

Meetings are held online.

Articles Used for Study

Levitating Books

What is Psychosynthesis – Theory

This article is an excerpt from Synthesis 1: The Realization of the Self.  Founding Editor Roberto Assagioli (1974)

Colorful Books

Psychosynthesis Psychology With a Soul

Article by Diane Whitmore (2014) By The Trust

Colorful Notebooks

Psychosynthesis an Exercise

This article is an excerpt from Synthesis 2: The Realization of the Self. Founding Editor Roberto Assagioli (1975)

 Process for Qualification

  1. Current undergraduate or graduate student or having recently graduated and still unsure what your next educational step will be.

  2. Student Member of AAP (Cost $35 annually).  Join Here

  3. Interview or conversation with Dr. Neal Klein from Lesley University.  He can be contacted

  4. Practicing Boldness and Kindness in everyday life aka Living the Philosophy that “Kindness is Cool”. This philosophy is the basis of the forementioned conversation with Dr. Neal Klein.

  5. Ability to meet at least 9 Sundays from August 2023-July 2024 @ 6:30-8:00 PM EST Online

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